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Welcome to the website of Professor Masoud Agah's research group at Virginia Tech. The Virginia Tech's Microelectromechanical Systems Laboratory or simply VT MEMS Lab was established in 2005 by Prof. Masoud Agah. The lab resides within the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and is affiliated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Virginia Tech-Wake Forest Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (SBES). The current research at VT MEMS Lab centers on the development of micro gas analyzers for environmental and healthcare applications and biochips for electrical and mechanical analysis of living cells focused on personalized cancer therapy. In addition, the lab is pursuing research to merge MEMS (top-down approach) and nanotechnology (bottom-up approach) in order to enhance the performance of the microsystems under development in our group. Students working in our lab will gain hands-on experience in the design, fabrication, testing, and analysis of microsystems. In addition, graduate and undergraduate students will enhance their skills in working as a team and will gain experience in participating in an interdisciplinary research environment. Students who are interested to learn more about microfabrication and microsystems development are advised to take ECE 4234 (Semiconductor Processing), ECE 5210 (MEMS from Fabrication to Application), and ESM 5764: Modeling MEMS and NEMS.

Contact Information

Dr. Masoud Agah
The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
469 Whittemore Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: (540) 231-2653
Lab: (540) 231-4180
Fax: (540) 231-3362


Several postdoctoral positions are currently available in the lab. Please refer to the PDF file and apply online via Virginia Tech website.

Students interested to pursue their graduate studies in VT MEMS Lab can send an email to Dr. Agah with a short description of their research interest and a summary of a few papers they have reviewed (half a page). If students do not hear anything back in three days, this is an indication that their research interests and background do not fit the VT MEMS lab. In no means, this replaces the online submission of the application process and going through the admission process.

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